Moving doesn't have to suck. Here are some tips for the do it yourself type.

 I know starting the process can seem like a huge task but lets start with what you need to get the job done and how to eliminate extra work.  We suggest getting ready for your move no later than one month prior. 

  1. Start with what you don't want to take with you. purge, donate or throw away. Most moves we've been on the customer tells us they really didn't want all the stuff we just moved. Save your money and get rid of items you no longer need. This will help.

  2. Plan on using a staging area of your home where you can stack your boxes once they are packed and ready. Always stack heavy solid boxes on bottom and work your way up to light boxes on top no more than 5 high.

  3. Start researching free boxes nearby. Craigslist or nextdoor app usually have neighbors giving boxes away for free. Make sure to spot check boxes for unwanted debris.

  4. If your going with new boxes do your research online for best value boxes.

  5. Plenty of packing paper for your breakables. Make sure you keep receipts for any items you may need to return.

  6. Schedule your truck or moving help no later than 3 weeks out.

  7. Start with one room at a time. Label boxes on two "sides" not on the top. The labels wont be visible when the boxes are stacked. Fill the boxes tight with extra towels, sheets etc. to fill space. When you have a solid box its ready to tape shut, and move to the staging area.

  8. About two days away from your move date you can start taking mirrors off dressers and disassemble beds. This saves time on moving day.

  9. On moving day make sure to eat a decent breakfast and have plenty of fluids on hand as you will burn more calories than normal on this day. You cant drive a car on an empty tank can you?

  10. By now you will have thought to yourself, why didn't I call Austin Accurate Movers?